Besides camping trailer rental, we offer a selection of additional services related to camping. Our camping trailers and vehicles are ready to rent and fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your next camping trip. We can even plan your route and set up your campsite for you; you name it.

trailer rental

Camping Trailer Rental

Our trailers come fully equipped with all the basic equipment. Our standard trailers start from R400 per day. See the full pricing structure under “PRICING” on the menu. Click this image to see the full range of trailers.

Vehicle Rental

We rent out fully equipped vans and bakkies/pickup trucks. Our vans and pickup trucks start from R1 400. See the full pricing structure under “PRICING” on the menu. Click on this image to view our range of vehicles.

Camping Equipment Rental

We have a wide variety of available camping equipment, from cutlery to solar panel systems. Click the image to view our selection of camping equipment available.

trip planning

Trip Planning

We are experienced campers who have travelled throughout South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. We can plan your trip in these aforementioned countries for you to ensure you have a memorable vacation. The trip planning includes the route plan that we load onto a GPS device, working out your full itinerary and budget, and booking assistance.


Delivery & Collection

We can deliver your trailer/vehicle straight to your doorstep, and pick it up again when you return from your trip.

african bush wagons camping trailer

Campsite Setup

We’ll set everything up for you, provided your site is within 100 km radius of Cape Town. Arrive with your tents set up, fire burning, and your beers cold! We also offer shopping services prior to your arrival at your campsite.

equipment rental

pre-trip-arrival shopping

We offer shopping services prior to your arrival at your campsite, provided your campsite is within 100 km of Cape Town. Just send us your shopping list, and we'll get everything for you so that you'll have more time to relax during your breakaway.